Refurbished Machines

Our Refurbished Machines

Coffee machines

Refurb hot drinks
  • Available as Instant, SFB and bean to cup.
  • Large drink selections to include all coffee shop drinks.

Refurb snack
  • Various sizes available.
  • All with chiller to guarantee product freshness.
  • Full change giving coin mech

Refurb combi
  • As above
  • To offer bottled and canned drinks in addition to a range of snacks.
Refurb food machine
  • Full change giving coin mech
  • Can offer a range of food items.

Do you own a business in Cambridge?

If you own a business and you're looking for a new vending machine, Cambridge Vending is the place to contact.

In addition to our range of new vending machines, we also have a range of refurbished vending machines. They're an ideal way of saving money and are all guaranteed.
If you're looking for Refurbished machines,

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