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Caffe Praego beans

Caffe Praego beans are carefully selected from some of the finest coffee co-operatives in Africa and Indonesia. The coffee cherries are grown in stable temperatures with a defined rainy season and in high altitude, which are perfect growing conditions for the Arabica beans. 
During harvesting the cherries are collected with the husks being removed to reveal a perfect bean, which is then dried before being hand processed, packed and shipped directly to our specialist roasters here in the UK who have a unique process to intensify the subtlety of the bean. This rigorous screening for the best beans, allows us to produce a smooth, well structured coffee drink, producing a very rich crema with maximum flavour.

Caffe Praego is ethically sourced thereby ensuring that we provide a sustainable livelihood for our farmers and their communities. By using co-operatives, encourages profit sharing, health care for workers families, improved housing, providing children’s education and long term sustainable security with a better quality of life for all concerned. 

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Cambridge Vending are able to supply a wide range of coffees, teas, tea bags, hot drinks ingredients and snacks on a wholesale basis. We deliver within 30 miles of Cambridge but can dispatch items further afield.
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