Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Our Hot Drinks Machines
  • Incorporating full smoked glass front panel with 'in-touch' icon driven selection system for enhanced user feel and to encourage repeat use.
  • Advanced energy-saving system monitors usage, learns and automatically adjusts shutdown and economy mode periods which means that the machine uses less electricity and helps to reduce a company’s carbon footprint.
  • Cup sensors allow users to save on waste and use own cup if required, and guarantees product delivery.
  • Option for Coffee beans which are used to make fresh bean to cup coffee and a range of coffee shop drinks – cappuccino, caffe latte, caffe mocha and espresso for the true coffee shop experience.
  • Espresso brewer group produces top quality espresso coffee from freshly ground beans brewed under pressure for full flavour.
  • Instant coffee option also available.
  • Tea from fresh tea leaves and hot chocolate.
As above plus the addition of: Fully customisable LCD screen to show images, movies and offering the option of running advertisements.
  • Offers Fresh Leaf Tea
  • Instant Coffee used to make premium drinks such as Latte, Mocha and Cappuccino
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Choice of soup or de-caff coffee option.
  • Milk, sugar and strength options
  • Hot Water Only Option if required
  • Guaranteed vend system, with cup sensor to allow use of own cups.
  • Available in instant, single freshbrew (coffee only), double freshbrew (tea and coffee), or Bean 2 Cup models 
  • Offers wide range of speciality coffees 
  • Vends up to 600 drinks per day 
  • Available with numeric or 'Build a Drink' keypad depending on your individual requirements 
  • With still or carbonated drink options 
  • Simple drink selection with a choice of a numeric build-a-drink keypad 
  • High quality Oltre brewer for consistently great tasting tea and coffee beverages 
  • Surevend™ guaranteed cup delivery system fitted as standard 
  • Energy saving software significantly reducing energy consumption 
  • Available with 7oz, 9oz or 12oz cups 
    Sigma Touch
    • intuitive touch sensitive menu selection offers a wide range of menu choice
    • High-definition 19-inch touch screen and fully integrated speakers for high quality sound
    • Dynamic “attention-grabbing” advertising when machine is not in use
    • 9oz or 12oz drinks.
    • All coffee drinks made from fresh coffee beans.
    • Option for flavoured syrups to be added to increase the drink menu.
    • Customise your Sigma Touch and apply your brand or company logo to the touch screen menu via USB
    • Highlight your brand or company logo with a bespoke backlit door panel (optional extra)
    Sigma touch machine
    Treat your staff and customers to great coffee and hot drinks
    From the smallest offices to staff canteens serving thousands of staff, Cambridge Vending have a range of 
    hot drinks vending machines to provide great quality products every time.

    Wherever your business is in Cambridge and surrounding area, Cambridge Vending can 
    supply, install, service and maintain your hot drinks vending machine for you.
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